Quality service results in growth and success. In 1985 our organization started with a total of five employees and aggressively progressed into the millennium. Today SCM is recognized as the leader and one of the largest delivery companies in Southern California.

With well over two hundred employees and offices in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Las Vegas, SCM is considered one of the most professional and experienced delivery companies in the transportation industry.

Our fleet of bonded, electronically dispatched, and uniformed messengers work efficiently to provide you with constant excellence and reliability. Continual training keeps our internal staff ready and able to answer any of your needs in a friendly and professional manner! We want to make sure you always have a good experience when you call SCM!

Throughout the years, we have consistently advanced our technology in order to provide the best customer service. Our software and computer systems are state of the art. We offer multiple billing options and management reports. VSI FAX automatically faxes verification at the time of your delivery to ensure momentary notice of completion. SCM will be the first to use Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system, which aids our customers in tracking couriers and important packages. Our software enables SCM and its clientele to monitor the drivers and their locations on a virtual map. This facilitates the dispatching process and translates into more accurate delivery times and deliveries.

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